history of triathlon in


Triathlon in Malta was established in the mid 1980s through the efforts of the first ever winner of a triathlon race in Malta Dr Peter Borg Costanzi. Borg Costanzi was also instrumental in establishing the Malta Triathlon Association and serving for a number of years as its first-ever President. 

The first ever triathlon race in Malta was held on 28 September 1986. 

The first years of Triathlon in Malta saw the strong support of British triathletes and especially the input of Triathlon Guru Steve Trew who was instrumental in establishing a solid foundation for the sport on the islands. 

The 14 year old presidency of Manuel Azzopardi saw an increase in number and quality and kept the Association strong even during hard times when the sport seem to have lost some of its momentum. Azzopardi was instrumental in creating the annual Traithlon Championships for the Small States of Europe, which Maltese triathletes managed to win on a number of occasions. 

Triathlon in Malta produced many a noteworthy names. The early years produced some fine athletes. Maria Mifsud Bonnici dominated the female scene in the first years of the millennium. 

Nicky Farrugia, still active on the local and international triathlon scene has produced legendary efforts and performances, such as being the first ever Maltese to take part in Ironman Triathlon, having the largest number of partecipations in Ironman triathlon distances, obtaining a world-record for his Malta-Sicily swim and being the firs ever Maltese to cross the English Channel. 

The most decorated Maltese triathlete is Dermot Galea, winner of 10 Triathlon Championships, 7 Duathlon Championships and 5 time elected as the Male Triathlete of the Year. He won the first ever ‘Young Sport Personality’ in 1998. Galea is also the first ever Maltese Triathlete to qualify and successfully finish the coveted IronMan World Championships in October 2013. He is currently the National Coach of Triathlon Malta and also coordinates the Malta Youth Triathlon Academy (MYTA).

Danica Bonello Spiteri is the most successful female local triathlete, winner of 10 Triathlon Championships, 7 Duathlon Championships and 9 times elected as the Female Triathlete of the Year. She won the ‘Sportiva Nazzjonali tas-Sena’ Award in January 2012.

The re-branded Malta Triathlon Federation is currently composed of 150 members and is the body that organised the Annual National Triathlon Championships, the National Duathlon Championships and the National Aquathlon Championships. It also assists it affiliated clubs with the development of the sport and other club races. The Federation has its own nursery for your triathletes – the MYTA – Malta Youth Triathlon Academy which oversees the development of children and youths between the age of 6 and 20 years.

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