Gatorade, founded in 1965 at the University of Florida, is a brand in the field of sports drinks. Revolutionizing hydration for athletes, it offers a wide range of products adapted to the specific needs of sportsmen and women. With ambassadors among professional athletes and a constant commitment to innovation.

The Cyclist Malta

The Cyclist is a company specializing in clothing and accessories for cycling enthusiasts. With a passion for cycling and a commitment to quality, it offers a range of high-end products, combining performance and style. The Cyclist attracts cycling enthusiasts with innovative designs and quality craftsmanship.

Eurosport Malta

Eurosport Malta is a media and sports entertainment company. With a strong presence in the Maltese market, it offers a wide range of sports content, covering various events and disciplines. Eurosport Malta is renowned for its comprehensive coverage, in-depth analysis and commitment to quality. As the preferred destination for sports fans in Malta, it embodies the spirit of competition and passion for sport.

Colours of Malta

Colours of Malta is a company specializing in tourism and cultural experiences in Malta. With expertise in discovering the island’s historical and artistic riches, it offers unique guided tours and immersive activities. Colours of Malta stands out for its commitment to the preservation of Malta’s heritage and its authentic approach to showcasing the island’s colors and flavors. As a benchmark for travelers seeking memorable experiences in Malta, it embodies the beauty and diversity of this Mediterranean destination.


The Mediterranean Triathlon Federation is an organization dedicated to the promotion and development of triathlon in the Mediterranean region. With its commitment to sport and health, it facilitates the participation of athletes in high-level triathlon competitions and also encourages amateur practice. As a key player in the world of triathlon, it embodies the values of effort, determination and camaraderie inherent in this demanding sport.

Maltese Olympic Committe

The Maltese Olympic Committe is the governing body of Olympic sport in Malta. With a mission to promote Olympic values and support Maltese athletes in their quest for excellence, the Committe works for the development of sport at all levels. As a national body affiliated to the International Olympic Committe, it coordinates Malta’s participation in the Olympic Games and other international competitions.


SportMalta is the national body responsible for promoting sport and physical activity in Malta. Focused on health, well-being and sports performance. As a pillar of sports development in Malta, the organization works closely with sports federations, local authorities and educational institutions to ensure equitable access to sport and support the emergence of sporting talent.

Europe Triathlon

Europe Triathlon is the governing body for triathlon in Europe. As a continental body affiliated to the International Triathlon Federation. The organization works in collaboration with national federations to organize top-level competitions, support European athletes and promote the values of triathlon, such as endurance, determination and self-transcendence.


VisitMalta is Malta’s national tourism agency, responsible for promoting the destination to travelers from all over the world. As an ambassador of Maltese beauty, history and culture, VisitMalta offers a range of activities and experiences to discover this unique Mediterranean archipelago. From the rich history of its UNESCO World Heritage sites to its picturesque beaches and lively festivals, VisitMalta highlights the treasures of Malta, Gozo and Comino.

World Triathlon

World Triathlon is the world governing body for triathlon, regulating the sport at an international level. As the organization responsible for the management and development of triathlon worldwide, World Triathlon oversees a calendar of events including major competitions such as World Series, World Championships and Olympic Games. Working with national federations, event organizers and athletes, World Triathlon promotes triathlon’s values of excellence, inclusion and fair play.

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