Founded in August 1975, Birkirkara St. Joseph Sports Club is a dynamic club that offers a variety of sporting activities in Malta. Our club has distinguished itself in many disciplines, including football, table tennis, athletics, cycling, swimming and triathlon. Join us in our commitment to sport, competition and camaraderie. 


The club has been established since 2011 and it has quickly evolved. It’s been a constant, fast learning curve, with ups and downs. Thanks to committed members and sponsors we achieved much more than we had ever imagined when the word ‘Agones’ was heard for the first time in the sport scene. Agones SFC is not just a multisport club, it’s a culture and sport movement, an ideology, a way of life. A brotherhood bonded by the same values and beliefs.  


Shamrock Star Sports Club


St. Patricksis a triathlon club based somewhere where triathlon is enjoyed. They likely offer similar services, such as training, competitions, and social events for triathlon enthusiasts. I don’t have specific information on this specific location, but I can usually give you some general information about triathlon clubs and what you can expect when associated with the sport.


Malta Youth Triathlon Academy is an academy established specifically for the development of young talent in triathlon in Malta. It offers training and development programs in all three triathlon disciplines, as well as opportunities to compete and participate in triathlete events. These academies are essential to cultivating and supporting the next generation of talented triathletes, while promoting the sport to young people in the local community.


Our club has been founded since 1953 and every single club member, their families and friends, benefactors and sponsors past and present, have played a part in building our club, Malta’s most successful cycling club; and for this we sincerely thank them all.The group of cyclists of our club varies every year as some come and some leave or do not continue. These photos show groups of cyclists with some of the different kits of different sponsors of the club since 1953. Our club is also proud of having a unique cycling acedemy in Malta. This year our club commemorates the 60th anniversary since its foundation.


D Sports Lab is a newly founded Sports Club in Gozo, focusing mainly on Swimming, Cycling and Running.


TRI Gozo appears to be a triathlon related club or organization on the island of Gozo, Malta. As the name suggests, it probably focuses on the promotion and practice of triathlon in Gozo. TRI Gozo’s activities could include regular triathlon training, events and competitions, as well as initiatives to encourage participation and development of triathlon in the local community. Triathlon clubs like TRI Gozo often play an important role in promoting the sport and creating a community of passionate triathletes.


Pembroke Athleta is a triathlon club based in Malta. Founded in 2014, the club offers training and competitions in the three disciplines of triathlon: swimming, cycling and running. They participate in local, national and international events, and they are committed to the development of triathlon in Malta by encouraging participation and competition in the sport.

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